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by Team Yannick, 2021-08-29T18:39:54.000-07:00August 29 2021, at 06:39 PM PDT

Attention players! The team store is having a sale! That’s right, get 15% off on all items, for 3 days only! From September 20th to the 23rd. Check out the team store today! Simply click the store button, and that’s it. Start shopping instantly. Don’t miss out! Get some of the hottest new Team Apololo apparel and many others today! Look super fly tomorrow, guaranteed. Be sure... [more]
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Get Involved!

2015-07-13 03:42 PDT by Team Yannick (0 Comments)

Attention Players and potential players! The team manager is urging you to get involved! Your team participation is vital for team succes... [more]

Store Sale!

2015-07-12 06:02 PDT by Team Yannick (0 Comments)

Attention players! The team store is having a sale! That’s right, get $5 off on all items $30 or more, for a limited time only! Check out... [more]

Join The Team!

2015-07-12 05:49 PDT by Team Yannick (0 Comments)

Interested in joining the team and becoming a team player. Not sure how?!
It’s simple. Simply click the SIGN UP button... [more]


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Summer is finally here and the Apololo team needs your help! The team manager is finding some difficulty planning team activities and would love your assistance. Here is your chance to tell the manager what you would like to do this summer! That’s right! The manager wants to hear what you have to think! Let your voice be heard, and make your ideas matter! Your opinion counts! Share with the Apololo team your ideas, and may be it may appear in the site schedule! You never know! Nothing beats a try! Don’t be shy! Your opinion is valuable to Yannick. Let him know what plans you have for the summer, it would be appreciated! Go on get discussing, time is running out!
Last Post: July 11, 2015 at 11:14am pdt Started By: Yannick Theodore

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2015-07-12T05:57:20.000-07:00July 12 2015, at 05:57 AM PDT, Yannick Theodore said:

The team manager is recruiting new members! This is your chance to be part of the team. Be part of the change, and join today! Go for it JOIN NOW!

2015-07-11T08:49:51.000-07:00July 11 2015, at 08:49 AM PDT, Yannick Theodore said:

Hello and welcome! Feel free to leave your messages. The Apololo team appreciates it! Don't leave the message board empty. Please no spamming, profanity, and insulting as well, thank you!

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